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ADR Annual Conference

  • How do I get an Advanced Mediation Training Certificate?
    If you wish to receive a certificate, you will need to complete a survey that will be sent to you shortly after the conference ends, Please leave your contact information at the end of the survey. Your information will not be linked to your answers. You will receive your certificate electronically on the date stated at the end of the survey.
  • How do I attend the SBM ADR Conference?
    Click this link to go to the Annual Conference Website: This is where you will find the home page. You should have received this link in your confirmation emails from both and Tribe Unltd.
  • How do I get the program materials?
    All program materials are available on the Annual Conference website home page and on the agenda page, under the attend button.
  • How do I enter a session?
    The Conference website home page should always remain open in your web browser, so you will always return to it after each session. Once you return to the home page, select your next session from the agenda. A link to the next session will also be in the Chat after each presentation.
  • How do I leave a session?
    In the lower right corner of the Zoom window is a red LEAVE button with the option to leave the session. Click this button then click confirm on the pop-up to close the Zoom window and return to the Conference Website home page. 
  • How do I get back to the conference schedule?
    The schedule will always be available on the Conference website home page.  After leaving a session, your Zoom window should close and return you to the home page where you will find the schedule. If you have opened other programs during the session you may need to return to your web browser to return to the home page to see the schedule. 
  • Can I ask questions?
    If you are in a WEBINAR, there is a Q&A button for questions and comments which can be seen by all attendees (preferred for asking questions) and a CHAT button which allows you to chat privately with another participant or with everyone. In a MEETING, there is only a CHAT function. A MEETING host may give you the opportunity to ask questions and unmute your mic. 
  • How do I know if I am in a MEETING or a WEBINAR?
    In a MEETING, you will be able to see other participants and there will be no Q&A button, but there will be a microphone and camera icon in the lower left corner of your Zoom screen.  In a WEBINAR, you will not see the attendees, there will be a Q&A button, but no microphone or camera icons.
  • Can I send a message to someone in any session?
    At the bottom of the Zoom window is an option for Chat. The in-session chat allows you to send chat messages to other users within a session. You can send a private message to an individual user, or you can send a message to the entire group.
  • Are these sessions being recorded?
    Each session is being recorded. Individual breakout rooms when used are not, only the main presentation rooms are recorded. Recordings will be made available on our website library in approximately two weeks.
  • I cannot hear anything, what should I do?
    If you are sure there is speaking which you cannot hear, turn up your computer’s volume. On Windows computers there is a speaker icon in the lower right that allows you to adjust volume. On Macs this icon is in the upper right. If that doesn’t work and you are in a MEETING, click the up arrow next to the microphone icon in the lower left corner of your Zoom window, then “Test Speaker & Microphone” and follow the guidance in the pop-up window to test and adjust volume. If you are in a WEBINAR, exit the WEBINAR, return to the LANDING PAGE, and click the red HELP button.
  • Others cannot hear me, what should I do?
    In MEETINGS, all microphones will be muted at the beginning of each session. WEBINAR sessions do not allow attendees to be seen or heard. If you are NOT in the Webinar format, you will see a microphone icon in your lower corner of the Zoom window. Click the microphone icon to toggle between muted and un-muted. When muted the icon will have a red line through it. If there is no microphone icon, it means you are in a Webinar and cannot speak. Instead, use Q&A or CHAT. You will also see settings for which microphone to use. If you are using a headset, be sure that device is selected by clicking the arrow on the right of the microphone icon and selecting the correct microphone.
  • Others cannot see me, what should I do?
    Some sessions are in the Webinar format which do not allow attendees to be seen or heard. If there is a camera icon in the lower left corner of the Zoom window you can click it to turn your camera on and off. When the camera is off the icon will have a red line through it. You will also see settings for which camera to use. If you have a webcam built into your computer and an external camera connected, you will need to choose which one you want to use.
  • What happens if we lose our Zoom connection?
    Click on the session link again. If you lose your internet connection altogether, you will have to wait until it is restored and wait for the recording of the session you missed.
  • Who should I contact for technical difficulties?
    Click on the red Help button on the home page and an ADR Section or Tribe Unltd. associate will assist you.
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